"We are nothing without our members"

Welcome to Pegasus Command


     Pegasus Command has moved to a new site.  If you are interested in joining us please compete the application on the new site and join it. As this site will be historical only and has been phased out.

    If you are a returning or moving member, please join the new site as well.   Also the Office of the President and all Command staff have moved to the other site any contact or questions for us should be posted or sent to us on it Thanks.


Link to our new site:  New Website Link

As Always We Are Nothing Without Our Members.














    Pegasus Command is a multi game gaming guild.  We have  wings in BSGO on both the US and EU servers.  A Fleet/Guild in Star Trek Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic and  Dreadnought . With over 200 members, and having been a guild since 2011, we are well grounded with a rich history.


    Peg Com looks for games that are FTP and offer something unique for our members. The guild is run as a democracy on all games. With all members new and old having an equal say in how we develop.  Also our leadership is elected and continues to evolve. There are no glass ceilings in Peg Com, any member can be anything.


    We are for adults only (18 and older) and have every game playing style represented in the guild. Our founding principle is "We are nothing without our members".  The guild runs this site and a team speak 3 server, which is free of charge and ads for all members.  We are organized to make our members game play more fun and unique.  We also support RP for all our games, which this organization adds to. While RP is always optional.  We are social, helpful in the games we play, and look to always bring up a new set of members up to speed on how they want to play the game.


    We are always looking for new members, who are looking for what we have to offer.  Use the membership questions page if interested in knowing more, or to join us in fighting the cylon menace, as a member of Starfleet, serving the Empire, or needed teammate.


Pegasus Command News


The Office of the President has been put in charge of guild recruiting. Also new medals are available for all games we play.

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